AT&T Store Pickup Method 2022

The newest 2022 approach for “AT&T Store Pickup” is covered in today’s Alphabanklogs article/guide.

If you’re looking for an easy way to make money without moving your fingers, this method and our site aren’t for you.

For expert carders like us, COVID-19 has absolutely revolutionized the world of carding. We’ve been embracing and adjusting to the ever-changing world of carding by adopting new approaches and adding extra information on top of our carding skills.

The “pre-pandemic” way of doing things no longer applies to high-end carding. Sure, you can buy $10 worth of goods here and there or order a $25 worth of gift cards but when you do the “purchase vs profit ratio,” there are no margins unless you spam and get your CCs for free and not from our shop, which cost at least $15 and for more expensive cards, it could be even higher. AT&T Store Pickup Method 2022

Because carding has a commercial component, it must be practiced and mastered before it can be successful, just like any other talent in life. Those who do not keep this in mind will become irritated and finally fail, just like most businesses fail if not properly handled.

AT&T Store Pickup Method 2022

With that said, let’s discuss the tools you will need for this AT&T store pickup method in 2022.


  • Truthfinder Account;
  • Premium SOCKS5;
  • High Quality Fresh CC (only buy from our Alphabanklogs shop and support us);
  • SSN (only buy from our Alphabanklogs shop and support us);
  • CCleaner (if you have visited AT&T in the past and have logged in the account);

You can Find these tools in Our Shop But if you don’t you can contact us personally to help you

Once you have the above tools ready, and your PC/Laptop cleaned you can start by following the steps below:


  • Let us know the name that you will need for SSN in the notes of your order, if we will have it we will be happy to provide you with that particular name or else you can go to and search for houses at your zip or state for sale, copy the address of the house you want and paste it on truthfinder and search for the people who had lived in the house;
  • Run background check on those people and make sure they don’t use AT&T or had use AT&T before make sure he or she is aged between 30 – 55 and has good assets, after that just copy his name, date of birth and address then you buy the SSN under that name from us as mentioned above;
  • Now you go to (Be on premium Socks5 matching the location of your SSN address) select wireless and add phone you like to cart not more than 3 phones in cart now select store close to your drop zip and fill everything with SSN holder info;

Let come to the name part if u got same name of your drop you can use his name as SSN name but if you didn’t get his name put drop first and last name on first name and SSN last name on last name.

So for example, drop name is “John Doe” while SSN holder’s name is “John Benton”.

First Person: “John Doe”

Second Person: “John Benton”

After this you checkout with the CC that you’ve bought from our Alphabanklogs shop and submit the order, if you order during the weekdays then within the next 2 hours your phone will be ready for a pickup.

AT&T Store Pickup Method 2022

If you used CC to checkout and selected in-store pickup, make sure you dress decent and go to AT&T store where the phone is and pick phone, if you could go to the store like 30 mins before it closes you will be fine without problems but if you get a sales rep asking for CC used to purchase you can stay calm and tell them that you are after coming from work from work and the order was placed the order in the morning and you don’t have the CC with you as you came in to pick up the order and show them the email confirmation on the phone as that’s all they need.

There may also be a small down payment you will be ask to pay depending on the taxes, you can pay that with cash and do NOT take out the wallet as you don’t have the wallet or the CC/DC cards with you.

That’s all there is to this latest 2022 AT&T pick up method.

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