Beginners please read!!!

Beginners please read!!!

Beginners please read!!!

??Hacking Method ??

Welcome To The Hacking Tutorial. This Works Only In Active Accounts.

1) Open website
(It’s in spanish so you can open it in chrome so that you can translate it in any other language
2) Now click on three lines or you can say menu.
3) Click on how to hack.
4) Select any website you want to hack. This website can also hack Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, G-Mail, Yahoo or Hotmail.
For all the websites the procedure is same. In this tutorial/video i will show on Facebook as it is in more demand.
5) So after clicking on facebook a page will be displayed in spanish and you can translate it in any language as i told you above.
6) In the first column, click on ”Generate Randomly”

7) In next column you can put the URL you want to redirect your victim after he/she puts his/her password.
(It’s optional to fill this column, You can leave it blank also)
8) The next column is also optional. In this, you can put the username or email of the victim so that when he opens Facebook,
he only needs to fill in a password. The email will be the same as you put in that column.
If you don’t fill the column it’s okay as the victim can fill in his username and password.
9) So after that in the next column change the language to English so that the fake Facebook page is displayed in English.
10) Leave the next column undisturbed and click on the big green button were in this written create a link.

11) After that a new tab will be made where it will be written in minimize milt… Like something and you need to be on that page for 10 seconds.
12) After that close the tab and open your previous tab.
13) In that tab you will see 2 links generated.
14) Send the first link which is a fake Facebook page link to your victim and open the second link on your browser.
15) When the victim puts his password on the first link you can see the password on the second link on your browser by clicking on search data and waiting for 10 seconds as you previously did.
16) The password and username will be also shown to you and you can enter that in a real Facebook app or website and open your victim’s id.


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