There are abuse resistant servers for almost any purpose (Malware, Spam, Ddos, Port Scanning, Spamhaus Abuse).

We will be able to find you a server of any level of complexity at prices from $ 300 for a VPS and from $ 800 for a dedicated server with an installation period of 12-48 hours.
There are options with a quick setup.

We also offer servers with spoofing (IP Spoofing) for ‘testing’ your network infrastructure for resistance to DDoS attacks.



Standard configuration / Configuration:

– CPU: Xeon E3-1240 3.3Ghz / 8Gb RAM / 120Gb SSD / 1Gbps port speed
– Location: NL / RU / UA / BG / UK / USA / GE / CN
– Traffic: Unlimited

Prices: from $ 300 per server. Installation – 12-48 hours.
Good discounts are provided for orders from multiple servers.

Our service provides technical support 24/7
We provide assistance in server administration and in resolving issues that have arisen.

Our advantages:

The Main Advantage Is The You Can Host Any Thing And We Will Never Block The Server Upon Abuse Even If Your Website Is Listed With Spammers The Server Will Will Not Get Blocked We Will Ignore Spamhaus

1 We have a geo-distributed network of IP addresses and autonomous systems, which allows us to have a redundant infrastructure.

2 We have our own equipment, our own premises and DCs, we do not rent racks in other people’s DCs, we use exclusively our own encrypted equipment.
3 We, like no one else, know that all client traffic must be encrypted, all our backend, frontend bundles use unique gre / ipsec tunnels.
– At the request of the client, we will create a custom and secure infrastructure for his service, including backup of files, databases, backup proxies, fault-tolerant domains and DNS.
– Our administrators monitor abnormal activity in the DC around the clock, the work of all software, security updates are made weekly, if we need them.

– Each server is encrypted separately by SDA CRYPT, full OS, at the request of the client we organize a separate

ipmi / kvm.
– Internet for DCs, we buy from tier one providers, such as Telia Company AB, China Telecom, Level3,

CHINANET – this allows us to exclude the possibility of sniffing our networks at the local level of countries.
– At the request of the client, we turn off the logs, crypt not only the OS, but also individual directories, databases,

scripts using ecryptfs.
– We know network protocols from A to Z, any tunneling, network stack protection from layer3 to layer7.
– Own WAF based on the NGINX module, DDoS protection in PM and .onion domains, all possible firewall acl and the like.


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