Carder work place

Carder work place

How to organize the work place of the carder so as not impersonate in the raid?

Carder work place Carding is a very dangerous activity, because especially successful and large carders are hunted. Information about detentions is often published on the carding forums, however, the topic of how to protect

oneself at «raid» is rarely raised. In this article, I will explain the best way to organize your place so as not to impersonate in a raid.

Carder work place
Carder work place


Don’t keep anything related to carding

Often the work of the carder is his own house or rented apartment. Store the information about the maps

in some form (on paper, on flash drives, on disks, including hard drives). The best way to organize a storage in a cloud is to create a complex password, and the best way to do so is to create a p2p key.

Also, do not keep at home money earned by carding, especially large sums. Store them in other places,

in Bitcoins, in your mother, grandmother or in the ground in the woods, but don’t even think about hiding them at home.

If necessary, the safe will be found and opened, and secret places in the usual apartment

– you’ll not made – with a thorough search, employees can even come with a metal detector.

If you’re in real carding, don’t keep the cards at home and the equipment to make them. This will be a direct piece of evidence and will always result in a significant extension of the term.

Use laptop without battery

There are a lot of articles on how to use a laptop properly when working with a carding, but no one is saying

that you should take a battery out and run it only from the network. However, this detail comes to many minds after apprehension.

The point is that working on a laptop without a battery automatically turns off the laptop when the power goes off

. This will allow you to dispose of most of the evidence immediately, especially if you use a virtual machine. Additional passwords at each step of the login will provide additional security.

Of course, this is not always convenient – you can accidentally disable a laptop while you’re working,

but you have to remember that it’s much easier to hack in new data than to spend a few years

behind bars, and in some cases the rest of your life. To avoid accidental blackouts, you can reinforce the

wire with a piece of duct, which allows you to pull it out less randomly. The wire itself can be attached to the table and, in the case of named guests, simply pull the laptop on itself.

Also, through the system and BIOS settings, you can disable the backup – this will allow you to avoid accidentally recovering from the shutdown and possibly save your freedom.

Keep important information in your head

Logins, passwords and mail should not be written anywhere – on a piece of paper, in a phone, or in a text document. Learn them by heart and type them each time. Otherwise, the data can be found and used against you.

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