Carding Mentor-ship – go from noob to medium level

Carding Mentor-ship – go from noob to medium level

Carding Mentor-ship

As the title says, I’m offering mentorship for individuals new to checking. You can look at my last post and see my set of experiences where you’ll see I’m not a star but rather I’m not a noob either, so I can manage the noob to arrive at a medium level so they can attempt to make it to the top without anyone else however definitely knowing the essentials. I’ll help you out with your OpSec, just by suggesting sites where you can purchase your CVVs and the techniques that have worked for me, which not really imply that will work for you however you can have a comprehension of how everything functions.

You won’t get rich with the information I will give you, but if you don’t know much or are trying to gather information to know where to start, I can definitely help you out with that.

I will be doing everything through telegram, which is

If I get more people than I expect I might consider creating a group chat, but in the meantime, I’ll just be helping through chat.

It’s NOT going to be free, but it is going to have a reasonable price and I will try to help you as much as I can with all the information I handle. I’m not here to scam people since I’ve been there myself, and I’ll more than gladly help everyone I can and try to point them in the right direction. You can check my profile on Envoy and TheHub Forums if you don’t feel like you can trust me, it’s all under the same username.

Looking forward to helping y’all.


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Carding Mentor-ship

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