The eWhore Method: SocialMedia Edition

The eWhore Method: SocialMedia Edition

The eWhore Method: SocialMedia Edition

Table of Contents
1. Introduction
2. The eWhore Method SocialMedia EditionIntroductionWith, you have a partner you can count on. Reliable with other projects since 5 years and
over 750.000$ paid out to its German userbase, this service is bound to last.
The payout is unusually high at a fixed 2.5$ per 1000 views and pays for all origins of traffic – 2.5$
per 1000 views.
If you decide to get referrals, you’ll earn 20% of their profits. For life.
As a bonus, you will find a signup code worth 3$ included as a bonus to kickstart your

The eWhore Method: SocialMedia Edition
The eWhore Method: SocialMedia Edition
Enjoy this tutorial and the money you will be making! The eWhore Method
Step 1: Setup Account
If you haven’t, sign up to Click Register and fill out the form or simply register using
Facebook, Google or Twitter. Use signupbonus as the vouchercode to receive 3$
Step 2: Shorten Your Links
Once logged in, you’ll see this tool which you can use to shorten links:
Use any URL you want to shorten, as for this method it doesn’t really matter what you link to.
Hint: Whenever someone clicks your link, you’ll earn money. Sounds hard? Its not. With this
method you will archieve 2000+ Clicks from just posting 1 Link.
Step 3: Find Pictures of Hot Girls
Head over to Here and pick some random hot girl.
Upload 2 pictures to Imgur
Shorten the imgur links with the tool from Step 2 in your user dashboard on
Mask your links with
Step 4: Go to Kik/Snapchat Websites and Post your Profile
Go to this list of websites and submit your fake Snapchat/Kik-profile with your shortened links
1. Website #1
2. Websie #2
3. Website #3
Step 5: Go to Kik / Snapchat sexting forum
Go to any of the forums listed below and start spamming new threads in every category. Choose a
thread title like
“18/F/Horny looking for horny sexting buddy”. The thread should look something like this:I’m 18, female, super
horny :(
Please help me get off :*
1 here’s my number:
2 Here’s a pic of me:
3 Here’s what I look like:
4 Here’s a short sneak :*
AND here is my snapchat && kik !
Please comment or I wont add u XOXO
List of Forums:
1. Website #1
2. Website #2 BIG TRAFFIC
3. Website #3
4. Website #4 BIG TRAFFIC
Hint: This is by far the best method out there to earn money with short links. This is an easy 20k.

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