Carding Method For Beginners

Carding Method For Beginners

Carding Method For Beginners

Fundamentally, you can begin this with a venture of under 100 dollars and you’d make at any rate 500 dollars before the week is finished. Not however much the past technique I composed yet it’s something to begin with. You can generally upscale to support checking with the benefits from this strategy.

As usual, this is a free method I am posting here and I am not charging any amount for this. However, If you do not have up to 60$ at least to invest in the tools you’ll need (listed below), this isn’t for you.

Let’s begin. What do you need? A laptop Ccleaner VPN Socks5 or RDP credit card info

Tickets carding involves buying tickets ( preferably sports) and then reselling them. But wait, you’re not just buying just any ticket. When a ticket is bought with cc, there is every likelihood that the owner of the cc will find out his cc was used within the days. The cc owner would then report to the cc company which would in turn initiate what is called a charge back. That is they would return the money to the cc owner and the sale would be cancelled by the ticket reselling site. We don’t want this. If the ticket is cancelled before you are paid for the resale of the ticket, then you lose.

But there’s an easy way to avoid this. We buy PDF tickets (e-tickets). These tickets are in PDF form and can only be cancelled by the issuing site. Only a few sites issue tickets (e.g stubhub) and so we’ll be avoiding such sites. We would be looking for resale sites. These sites do not have the power or the means to cancel a PDF ticket. These are our targets. How do I find such sites? Just search for ticket resale sites on Google and the results you find are your target. Be sure to avoid the following websites StubHub Ticketsnow Ticket Master

Process: First things first, you’ll need to create a fake email. Try to create it in the name of the owner of the credit card. Then you’ll need to get your laptop ready. Clean your laptop with ccleaner. Set your laptop time to match that of the cardholder. Clean your laptop again. Connect your VPN and set it to same country as cardholder Then connect your socks with proxifier. Your socks must be very close to the location of the cc holder. Maximum of 1hr distance.

Then check that your DNS is not leaking with whoer Check your ip score to ensure it is not blacklisted You can browse around random sited for about 15 to 30 mins. Then go to Target site. Search for ticket you want to buy and click on it. Look for offers with download now option. Then hit buy button. Fill out the necessary info of the cc holder. Make sure to fill it out and not paste it. in the space for email fill in the email you created. Now hit submit. Your purchase should be successful. The PDF tickets would be sent to the email you filled.

Now go to another ticket resale site and list your tickets for sale. Make sure to make it significantly cheaper than normal to make sure it sells quickly. Sell and pocket your money. Rinse and repeat. Other tips Make sure to charge each cc not more than $250 at a time a maximum of two times. That is less than $500 per cc. You’ll be able to sell that for about $200 – $320. Meaning if you can do just twice a week you make around the $500 range.

To cash out, you will have to attach a PayPal or bank account to the website where you sell the tickets. You have 3 options: 1. Create or buy a bank drop (in someone else’s name) to attach to the website. This method is the most expensive. 2. Create a PayPal stealth account and attach to site. This is the method I recommend. It’s not so difficult and I will post a guide on this soon enough. 3. find someone that owns a bank drop or stealth PayPal account and enter a deal with them to help you cash out for a percentag.

I do hope I didn’t forget to add any details this time. Carding Method For Beginners.

If you have read this to this point then congratulations, you have one attribute that will help you in this journey: the attention to detail.

But this work takes a lot of seriousness on your part. I am willing to answer questions or train the totally serious ones. Seriousness means you have enough time to spare and enough money to start up.


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Carding Method For Beginners

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