Clothing carding

Clothing carding – why is it popular?

Clothing carding ..There are two directions of carding – things and transfers. A clothing carding is the purchase of things by means of bank cards and their subsequent sale. This method is much more popular among carders – it is much safer. In this article, I’ll tell you why it’s better and what it needs.

Clothing carding
Clothing carding

Pluses of clothing carding

The main advantage of this type of carding is greater security. Stores don’t always check who bought the item from the card and who it went to. Due to this, both the greater security of the method and the greater «lifespan» of one drop are achieved.

Moreover, such money is much easier to legalize – selling goods on different platforms like Avito and then transferring money from cryptocurrency system to carder is much simpler than direct transfers.


By types of commodity, a clothing carding may be physical and not physical. The first refers to the direct purchase of machinery, clothing and other goods in shops followed by resale. The second item is the purchase of digital goods, such as game access codes or subscriptions.

The first type generates much more money in terms of earnings – although the goods are sold at an undervalued price, the speed of their sale is still much higher. Digital goods are typically sold much longer, but the risk of legal attention is higher.

What is necessary for this?

For a clothing carding, you have to find a reliable dropper – the person who will take your product and sell it. In some cases, the drop buys the goods from you for a certain amount, after which he resells the goods or uses them for himself. Also, you need cards of certain regions – usually the region of the store where the goods are purchased. This reduces the likelihood of billing checks and store refusals, and also eliminates attention to the person who takes the goods.

Also, it is necessary to pay attention to its own security – it is necessary to hide its identity in order not to «glow», since in the whole scheme most criminal acts are committed by the carder.

What goods to resell?

The choice of goods for resale is quite a big task. It is best to visit the carding forum, but experience has shown that it is the equipment that is most bought, especially at a good discount.  When choosing a good, you can also turn to the opinion of the drop – it will be much easier to determine with your «buyer» which goods are needed for sale.

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