Cashing Cvv – Refund style

Cashing Cvv – Refund style

Cashing Cvv – Refund style

Over the last 9 years of me lurking around this scene, taking each year one bust/sting after the other, some things just never change and that is newbies running up on me on UIN asking the most common question:

“Hey bro, I’m a noob, how do I make some fast cash?”

Some days I just wanna help those innocent souls out and other days I just wanna yell at them.
But hey, I didn’t know this much without a bunch of folks teaching me over the years, correct?

So, that’s the essence of this tut.

This scene keeps growing year after year. So, I’m assuming there are still lots of noobs out there – who might benefit from this.

We are going to be discussing ways of skimming mere CC numbers for cash you thought you would NEVER touch. So, while some of your stupid peers buy their CCs so they can card a porn site or pay for some dumb membership site(s), we are going to be learning how to actually put some of those cash IN HAND.

The easiest way to skim an ordinary CC (with Cvv2) for cash has always been via “The refund process”. Of course, you probably didn’t know this. Maybe you did but had no way of telling where refunds are processed with ease.

The refund process like I calls it is pretty much the easiest for fresh noobs wanting to get their dick wet with their $100 budget. And also the safest way to get started in the scene. No risk of being found out when compared to cashing dumps, doing in-stores, or d+p.

Just to be clear, I ain’t teaching you this method because it is dead or doesn’t work anymore. Nope. Last time I checked, this method has remained the most consistent way to get cash over the last 9 years. Nothing ever changed. However, most folks are reluctant to try this out due to the biggest hurdle of all ….. Finding places where these refunds are processed with ease. =))

Anywho, that’s good for us. Means more monies in my pocket. OK, so In a nutshell, the refund process works like this…

STEP ONE: Get yourself a socks service account, a handful of Cvv2 (usually no more than 10 Cvv2’s for starters) and a verified PayPal account to receive refunds from stores.

STEP TWO: Having taken care of the requirements above, we now go ahead in search of stores capable of processing hassle-free refunds (most stores will). For a typical noob, I advise they start with 5 VERY good Cvv2’s or COBS (better), then seek out 5 small online stores capable of processing refunds (a lot of them out there do).

STEP THREE: Now, that we’ve got 5 small online stores for our refund OP, we’ll then fire up our best Cvv2s, then match them with an IP from the billing details on each card. So, that means, we placing one order per store (1 Cvv2 per store).

STEP FOUR: So, we go ahead with placing our orders at these 5 stores with our 5 Cvv2s. The trick is never to card anything above $500, else your refund might get delayed. So, we stick to kinds of stuff under $500. All orders from different IPs match the billing on each card (same state matching IP).

STEP FIVE: We wait for about 24 hours after placing our orders for some order authorization emails or shipment emails. The trick is to wait for the shipment email. This really shows you your order was really accepted and your card definitely charged.

STEP SIX: Probably after 2-3 days after placing our orders, I’d like to assume you did everything right. So, that means that the shipment email should be in by now. Immediately you get them, you need to fire back an email to the store(s) telling them you would like to cancel your order (never mention refund in the email, else you get found out). Just tell them you’re no longer interested in the product. Small stores usually don’t have advanced ways of processing refunds, so they ALWAYS screw up by issuing refunds the next day or the same day after receiving your email.

STEP SEVEN; This part is really where you need that verified PayPal account to accept these refunds from the stores. I’d like to assume you read the refund policies for these stores, so you’re sure they process their refunds via PayPal? Ok, then you’re ready to fill your PP account with clean funds. How you set up a verified PayPal account is probably another tut on its own. Nothing so difficult about it.

STEP EIGHT: Just because you placed an order for $495 doesn’t mean you will get refunded the same amount. NEVER! You will probably get refunded within $450-$400 depending on the store’s policy which I advise people to always read.

STEP NINE: so, let’s be realistic by assuming 3 stores outta the 5 stores you carded are ready to refund back your cash, so that means you got $400 x 3 = $1200. Not bad for a less than $100 investment, eh?

NOTES 1: Doing refunds on kinds of stuff requiring them to ship kinds of stuff to you complicates this method, so most times I advise folks to stick with virtual kinds of stuff (i.e ordering expensive memberships, expensive downloadable software, tickets, etc)

NOTES 2: Just like we did with 5 stores, we can do the same thing with 10 – 12 stores weekly (YEs, very possible). You just going to need a good amount of PayPal accounts. Cvv2’s are cheap, but that’s where the money is at.

NOTES 3: You can go above the $500 limit I set, however, you gon’ need to have enough docs like DL scans, utility bill scans, and CC scans for verifications above $1000 in order (refund request).

NOTES 4: The hardest part of this technique for most people remains finding stores for these refunds =))

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