Friends, what’s going on? We’ll show you in 2022 why ShopWithScrip is the best way to get cash back on gift cards. In order to sell you our products, we have a duty to educate you on how to make money using the method in question, since these quiet exploiters refuse to discuss their methods. Gift cards can be redeemed for cash at SHOPWITHSCRIP.

Because of this, our shop keeps growing and we thank everyone who has and continues to participate, as well as welcoming new customers to join our platform.


For this method to work, you will need an old/aged ShopWithScrip account that you can log in through your mobile or laptop/pc as long as your IP is not blacklisted.

SIDENOTE: We sell aged ScripWithSrcip Accounts in our shop and they come with CC + BA attached.

There are no cookie requirements on ShopWithScrip so as long as your IP is not blacklisted u will bypass login and end up on the account page.

However, if you become lazy or rush in by not checking your IP for being blacklisted and it turns out that your IP had been blacklisted then your account will become limited and u won’t be able to perform any functions needed for this tutorial until you will contact ShopWithScrip to verify identity and so on and if you had purchased your account from us you will NOT get a replacement or refund (we have clearly mentioned this in our selling terms for ShopWithScrip accounts).

Don’t waste your time trying to create an account with an enrollment code, they will close the newly created account down, so you better get an aged account whether it’s from us or elsewhere as there is no obligation for you to purchase your tools specifically from our site.

So once you have the account make sure that you do not log in to the same account on more than one device, they will blacklist the device, or limit your account which again spells a problem, and it’s rather a self-created problem that can easily be avoided. CASHOUT GIFTCARDS USING SHOPWITHSCRIP

After login, you will be presented with many Gift cards such as Amazon, iTunes, Starbucks, Walmart to name a few.

You will click on one of the gift cards that you’re interested in, you will have two options, either to send a tangible gift card to your physical address or to send an intangible (virtual) gift card to your email, just to point out, sending a gift card to you physical address is next day delivery however sending it to your email address is instant.

We leave that up to you to decide whether you want the intangible (virtual) or tangible (physical) gift card.

After you have decided, you can choose the amount and quantity of gift cards u will be sending, then you will add those to your cart, you can even buy $2K – 2.5K worth of cards in one go, but if you have never done ShopWithScrip then we highly recommend that you to keep the total amount between $500 – $750ish and if you want to get multiple cards, you can value each between $50 – $80ish.

When you are done, you can add more gift cards to your cart, although ShopWithScrip will charge an extra 2.5% to go to the school’s charity or foundation, you don’t need to worry about that.

As we mentioned not to go crazy and lose everything by being greedy, remember once you will get a hang of it you can always rinse and repeat the process later with more gift cards on more ShopWithScrip account it’s not as if we will run out of aged old ShopWithScrip accounts on CashoutEmpire, so relax and take it easy.

The total amount of gift cards that we have bought using ShopWithScrip so far easily exceeds well over $30k (yes that’s $30,000) and we have been doing this part-time due to our commitment to other hustles.




So once your order is done, check your email for confirmation, if you have followed our guide and have not caused any mishaps during the process then you will receive all the gift card codes, the physical ones will also be sent to your US drop address.

If you are getting your ShopWithScrip account elsewhere (as ShopWithScrip accounts on comes with CC + BA attached), always ensure that the ShopWithScrip account has a bank account attached, or else this method will not work without the bank account being added and authorized (confirmed) for ShopWithScrip to make money later from that bank account for the gift cards that you just bought, ShopWithScrip will not allow you to buy the gift cards.

After you have received your gift cards you can go to and exchange all your gift cards into BTC or for payment to go directly into your bank account drop which you can forward that to your own bank account or simply order a tangible (physical) card to be sent to your drop which you can use to withdraw funds once they hit the account.

SideNote: You can also buy your bank drops on oursite we have the verified bank drops for most countries, you can then order cards to your physical address after changing that on the account.

If u send an e-transfer, it can’t be reversed so use that with caution and make sure u sending money to a bank account that you are able to withdraw so it won’t get stuck in there, this happens in case your bank account gets hit with a limitation for additional verification and so on.

Chase and WellFargo are the best in the US for this purpose.

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