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Today I will explain how a dump becomes a ready-to-swipe card. If you go through previous posts about dumps and skimming then you already know what dumps are and how can someone access your bank account money using a clone of your card.

To encode a dump in a magnetic card strip is very simple and the necessary tools are very easy to find and buy from the internet.

CC cloning with Magnetic strioe writer
CC cloning with Magnetic strioe writer


The common laptop or home PC, everyone knows what it is and how to use it.

MSR– or so-called magnetic strip reader-writer is a device is to read the data from the magnetic stripe of a card. It is also used to encode (write ) data on cards. Carders use the MSR to write the dumps in the cards to obtain clones of the real cards.

Pre Printed magnetic strip cards are cards that look like bank-issued cards. The good quality cards even have UV light security and the logo and hologram of the issuer. Those carders who hit high, like apple stores, gold shops, etc need this kind of card which they have to emboss with the card number, expiration date, and holder name. The clone will look like a genuine card and the fraud will be very difficult to detect. Some carder print by themself the plastics but pre-printed plastic also can be buy. The price of a pre-printed plastic with UV light bypass, logo, and hologram starts from $10 and can reach $30.I’ll write a new post about PVC card printers, UV ribbons, and card templates.

Embosser – it is a machine used to emboss the card details (card number, expiration date, and holder name) o the pre-printed card. In the market you can find manual or automatic embosser, price starts from $250 until $3000. According to the embossing speed and quality.

The software of the MSR must be installed in the computer and the machine must be connected to the computer by a data transfer wire. And the MSR is ready to encode the dumps in the cards.


So with a pre-printed card and embosser and an MSR, the clone of the card is ready to use. Pre-printed cards are embossed with the dump detail than using the MSR the magnetic strip of the card encodes the dump. And here you have the card ready to swipe.
This all for today guys. Stay safe and good luck!

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