CC ( Good BIN) TUT Dropping

CC ( Good BIN) TUT Dropping

CC Good BIN TUT Dropping

A physical debit card (can use your own as the method is safe)
Potentially a bank statement template

*Key points:

Do this on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Sunday. Thursdays and Fridays allow too long for your order to be pending and Nike does a ‘ghost charge’ on the victim’s payment method.


Buy a CC in a location roughly near your closest Nike store. Getting the same gender will make it easier in the long run.
Get a SOCKS5 proxy in the same location as your CC
Using an add-on called FoxyProxy or Proxifier, apply your SOCKS5 proxy.
Using a MAC address changer, change your mac address.
Google ‘what is my IP address to test that it works.
Go to and make an email address using your cc name (use Fastmail as it is a paid mail server but gives you a free trial for 30 days, so it reduced your fraud count when carding on Nike)
Can either buy a SIM card for like £1 to get a real phone number which also makes the order more likely to pass or make one up. You can also use the CC billing number as Nike doesn’t actually send them a message


Go onto and select random-ish items that aren’t bought very often. Don’t buy a large number of items and don’t buy 1 item that’s very expensive (again, reducing fraud count). The key is to not be greedy because you can do this method non-stop as long as you don’t get your IP blacklisted.
Add 1 or 2 items to the bag. I would suggest not to exceed £200, but it’s up to you (again, reducing fraud count). 200-pound golf clubs work well. If you have a VERY strong BIN, you can aim for £300ish
Put in a name for the shipping address that makes it seem like you are related to the CC holder in some way, but also that is close enough to your name to collect.

ie: If your CC name is Michael Taylor and your real name is John Smith, on the order name, you put ‘John Michael Taylor-Smith’
At checkout, select click and collect, and then write in the postal code of your CC address, then zoom to a shop where you have access (remember to write CC address postal code and not a different one). This is why I said before to get an address as close as possible to you. Try not to send it to a Nike shop. You will understand why later.
Put the ACTUAL billing address of the card (you really don’t want it to be too far away, however it can still work). the key point in this method is the cumulative distance between your socks ip, the pickup shop, and the victims billing address
Checkout. As long as the victim isn’t using that card right that second and the CC has sufficient balance and is life, your order will go through.


Once your order has gone through, you wait for your order to ship.

Once it has shipped to the pick-up shop, you go there to pick it up.
Some shopkeepers can be fussy so this is something we sometimes do that works:

*if shop keeper doesn’t want to let you collect for whatever reason (they should if you’re not stupid), change one of your friend’s names on your phone to ‘UPS’ and message them to pretend to be UPS and that it’s okay for you to pick up with a bank statement with the matching name. Make sure you call ‘UPS’ before revealing that you have the bank statement so it looks authentic. When people reject you once they’re more inclined to continue to reject.

So you would

Call UPS
They say bank statements needed
‘Oh! I have a bank statement actually! Thank God!’

This method is partly social engineering but to be honest its easy.


Once you have your item, now comes the fun bit.
You don’t even have to go home or even take the item out of its box (I would). Take your item to the Nike store and tell them that you don’t want it (come up with a reason.. doesn’t fit / a bad present..)
They will ask for an order receipt. Give them it.
They may ask for THE CARD USED FOR PAYMENT ONLINE (they usually don’t). THEY CANT CHECK THIS AND IT A BLUFFF, so give them your card and tell them that that’s the card used.

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