Free twitch prime 30 day

Free twitch prime 30 day

Free twitch prime 30 day

I thought that I would share with you a way to get twitch prime free for 30 days by repeating the same process once every month, I’ve been using this method for more than half a year now and it’s working perfect!

1. Make an account on this site https://app.wirexapp…L7k612EUx1PECKQ

2. When you’ve registered, order a EUR virtual card, you can find fake addresses over at http://www.fakeaddre…dress_generator

3. When you’ve ordered your EUR virtual card it will appear underneath “my accounts” in your dashboard, click on it and then hit send CVV. The card information will be sent to your mail.

4. Go to and start your free trial with the virtual credit card.

5. After that head to and click start 7 day trial and login with your amazon account.

​When it has expired

1. Go to and then to Account & Settings and remove the current card and then add the same card to get the 30 day trial again.

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