Fully Configured & Ready to Run Virtual Machine – VMware 10 

Fully Configured & Ready to Run Virtual Machine – VMware 10

Fully Configured Virtual Machine

Fully Configured Virtual Machine

Tools Needed

1. Skype

2. Pandion

3. Truecrypt

4. CCleaner

5. VPN4ALL – VPN from VPN4ALL, I can’t say anything about anonymity, I use it myself, it’s very easy to use!

6. Firefox – classic, Hybrid, Safe

7. ProxySwitcher

8. SRWare Iron

9. KeePassX

10. Foxit Reader

11. CCtools

12. Winrar

PS There is a file inside (on the desktop) with a description of all programs and which one is needed for what.

It is not necessary to download it from the site’s office, this is given as an example of where you can get it.

Here is a link http://rsload.net/soft/10943-vmware-workstation.html there cooking with the key immediately goes.

There are many links, which one is more to your liking from there and download it!


And so, for those who are too lazy to set up a virtual machine, or simply cannot do it for some reason, I post my virtual machine, fully configured for work, it has everything that is needed for our difficult profession …

1. Download from the official VMware 10 website


2. Download the archive with my virtual machine:
d / 1tiD … ew? usp = sharing

PASS: carder 2020

3. Unzip.

4. Go to VMware. File – Open – we are looking for where to unzip it.

5. That’s all, we use it, we check it.

Thank you all, do not forget to thank me!
If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask!

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