Google Play Card Method by alphabanklog

Google Play Card Method by alphabanklog

Google Play Card Method

1. What is required to card google play:

CC with CVV
Android Application Developer
Debit card you will register for your drop
Time and patience is very important

Google Play Card Method by alphabanklog
Google Play Card Method by alphabanklog

2. Process:

We will create an application in GOOGLE .
Find an application developer, he will create you a game or something like that.
You can make a simple game with Donate.
Find a card in any bank.
Buy a developer account of $ 25 approximate price.
Download the application there and wait for the publication.
Make a purchase with any account in your application and in Google.
Please believe (3-7 days a week).

Next, start using the android emulator to make purchases in your application.
Withdraw money (the conclusion is about 1 month) so you need cards with charge for 1-2 months.
In 80% of cases, people abandon the buyer in your application and block the account.
Therefore, register and verify a new account every 14th day. There was no failure in profit.

3. How to do it by example:

Basically, applications for the

Google Play Card Method

sale of pictures work well.

The application must be configured and published.
After I get a Google account, the application will be tied to a $ 3-5 card, and you need 3-5 days.
As a result, it was $ 370 wth one SS, all are divided by the minimum and intervals.
That is, the buyer, a picture for $ 10, you owe, and so on, 10-15 accounts the most.

After accumulating $ 2000-5000 (for each account in different ways) you need to spend 1 month, so you need cards with a charge.
Money on the card, withdraw them or exchanged for BTC via online, threw out the card, told the drop, what to say, if there is a meeting with the police.

In the settings of each account in the configuration, select a different device.
There you can make copies of emulators.
It is imperative to take breaks between buyers, so as not to sit without work, have made such accounts 10-15 and while you still have it.
This is a big hemorrhoid, but when you realize that you are processing $ 10 per minute, it becomes easier.

Be aware of police and have a good luck.


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