How I card Walmart for gift cards…

How I card Walmart for Gift Cards

How I card Walmart

Are you trying to card Walmart gift cards and keep running into this, by any chance?


If your card is valid, your transaction will go through, but will, unfortunately, see an immediate (or near immediate) response with a cancellation email (or notification on your Walmart account page). I have yet to be able to get them to fully accept a transaction, no matter what method I use for gift cards. I finally figured out how to do it, by mistake actually. Once I did this, the transaction went through (after a little wait period). Since then, I’ve been able to successfully card gift cards.

In order to push a transaction through their manual verification process, you’ll need to do the following steps. I have only had one that didn’t work, which should have, but I think the owner either called the bank or Walmart. I’ll explain later on.

The steps do require social engineering, but only on a chat no phone calls are needed. This really isn’t difficult – just annoying.

If you successfully placed an order but received the cancellation email, do the following:

1) Using the same IP and user-agent setup, log back onto Walmart (if you’re not already on it).
2) Locate the help link, which is usually at the top of the page.
3) Look near the middle, to the bottom of the page and you’ll see a “contact Walmart” image/link. Click it.
4) Choose the obvious dropdown choices (i.e., “need help with an order”, etc). See the image below:

5) Enter the reason you are requesting a chat. Now, you’ll need to put your “I’m pissed off that my order was canceled, so I’m going to be a little rude, but not too rude hat on”. An example would be:

“I just spent the last hour finding gifts for my nephew for his birthday and placed the order. After that, I immediately received a cancellation email. What is going on? My card is fine and should have gone through.”

Also, do not chat more than you have to. Keep your responses to one-word answers (to sound curt), and definitely do not give them thank-yous, or any other gratitude, until they accomplish the next step.

6) You only have one objective here: get them to forward your situation to their “security department” for further verification. My guess is that most gift-card orders all have to go through manual verification, as I have yet to have one go through at all without it (note: I’ve only used “verified by visa” and “MasterCard secure pass” cc’s). If your cc is good, and you’ve followed all the usual steps (same IP, good user agent, normal browsing behavior, etc), then you should be good. I ALMOST had one fully completed (the order was at the point of being sent out, but was canceled at the last moment). My guess is that the owner called the bank/Walmart and had something stopped. That’s the only thing that made sense, compared to the other successful transactions I made.

Look at the following chat to help you understand what you should be doing:


7) After you’ve successfully chatted the rep to forward your info to the team, you’ll need to wait at least an HOUR. They will sometimes tell you to wait at least 30 minutes, but I have yet to successfully card with only 30. Just log off and come back after an hour or more and try to process your order again. IMPORTANT: don’t forget to use your exact same setup (IP, user agent, etc) when logging back on. They will catch changes if you make them.

That’s it. Most orders I make for gift cards usually come through after about 3-4 hours, sometimes a little sooner, and sometimes longer. I think the wait time (and I might be wrong here) involves analysis from the security team, and possibly waiting to see if any notifications come through from the bank, or the customer themselves. Also, you’ll notice that the review team allowed your transaction, when: a) you didn’t receive an immediate cancellation and b) your order, in the Walmart tracking section, now has a “processing order” status, rather than a cancellation notice.

More info:

MY setup, when carding Walmart:

1) NordVPN (based in Panama, does not adhere to subpoenas supposedly). You can get free service from them, btw, if you know how to keep getting free trials. If you know what I mean.
2) Socks Proxy for the same location as cc owner
3) AntiDetect 7.1 to change agents, time zone, etc
4) Valid CC (I’ve only used VBV and MCS for my orders so far).
4) Not really a setup, but make sure to look like a normal customer in terms of your behavior while on the site. You know, put items in your cart, take them out, etc. Also, I’ve noticed better results when adding a small item to have sent to the cc owner’s actual address (the birthday for a nephew “act” usually helps you to behave properly while shopping). I do this, in the event that the security/verification team looks over my actions/information.

Also, don’t be too greedy here and work in small/medium gift card increments (i.e., $50-100 per card/order). If you’re successful, try and kill the card afterward.

Hope that helps! I decided to post this after numerous requests..simply b/c I couldn’t keep up. If you find this helpful and are in the Christmas spirit, I could always use some cc’s or BTC.

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