How to bypass Paypal error [return to merchent and take different method]

How to bypass Paypal error [return to merchent and take different method]

How to bypass Paypal error

this is How to bypass Paypal error [return to merchent and take different method]
if you face this problem then just leave payment close the browser and download two softwares and i really prefer these two because most of sites download a file in you computer without your permission in system32 like .
its registration is so difficult for most people i saw on abh,that is the reason why you cannot register . ok come
to the point just download ccleaner and evidence eliminator .ccleaner that already you know and second one is
new for some people .this software removes all the backup recovery files from your hard disk and if you caught
by someone no one can recover data or suspicious activites that you did

after that just change your computer name and also your local account name because ebay and paypal get this local

account name too then go for mac changer and change your mac address .after that login your isp page and go in dns
and change your dns as google dns like ( after that open cmd and write this command (stop dnscache)
without quotes .this command will stop your dns client service after that clean the cache with this command
some people got problem here that they cannot run this command ipconfig/flushdns because their was close into services so to
active this service just go start menu and run or write in services.msc and look for dns client just write click on it and click
on start then come back in cmd and run the command ipconfig/flushdns and your cache will clear.Then configure your
browser to use them. To set your proxy server to resolve DNS requests instead of your computer, in Firefox’s about:config area, set network.proxy.socks_remote_dns = true.
And I think also VPN or SSH tunnels won’t leak dns settings if configured properly?
Can’t remember though, so check that.

one more thing if you dont want this manually like above just use the software proxifier

that software done a great job about dns .you can download their documentation from google
and if some one got problem with proxifire then wirte in comment and i will help him or her.

thats all but one thing use paypal clear socks and always use socks 5 for paypal other dont work most so keep in mind ,dont use vpn etc.

i was done this before myself but not now because its take too much time to setup

for payment .i use rdp and then give it socks if you don have state match rdp so and go
for payment no others shit available here like nestle

definatelly you will get ride of this error sure 1000% percent because i already had to face this error and solve it

with this way that i share with you this tut work for anonymous too.

some people asking me one more error that they are facing from paypal ,when they payment the paypal sir says

that choose an other debit or credit card so whts the deal? this error show that you are running out your cc balance
so you have to take step first that you have to go back and decrease you amount to purchasing goods and try like if
you have to buy 100 dollar goods then go back and purchase goods of 70 dollar or like this .

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