How to Card-Amazon Updated PC-Version

How to Card Amazon – Updated PC Version

How to Card-Amazon Updated PC-Version

  1. Run Remote Desktop Connection and connect with your RDP Host. if u don’t use RDP then do the following steps in your pc
  2. Start MAC address changer and change all MAC address.
  3. Open CCleaner. Analyze and clean.
  4. Set socks5 in Mozilla Firefox. I already explain how to do it
  5. Restart Firefox and go to and check your IP is blacklisted or not & as same as CC holder address.
  6. Now open the shopping site. I want to recommend a website shop in your country. Why? Because you don’t need to wait a lot for your package
  7. Register with credit card holder information, name, country, city, address, and email you made one just for this order.
  8. Choose your item & add to cart. Never choose a big amount first. Try to card small amount item first within $500.
  9. In shipping address enter your address or your drop address, where u want to deliver the product.
  10. Go to a payment page, choose Credit Card as the method
  11. Enter your CC details. Like CC Number, CC holder name, CVV/CVV, Exp. Date. Don’t copy – paste info. Type it one by one. Cause most sites have copy-paste detector script)
  12. In Billing address enter CC holder address. Now proceed to payment.
  13. I m sure if you do everything right then the order will be successfully placed

How to Card-Amazon Updated PC-Version

How to Card Amazon - Updated PC Version
How to Card Amazon – Updated PC Version


Wait for an order to arrive at your shipping address. When they arrive the courier boy will call you. The ask for any ID card. If you can make fake ID card then good. Otherwise show you are any ID card (Adhar Card, Voter ID, College ID card).

But if you done any mistake then forget to get delivery because the item will not ship. Order will be cancelled. How to Card-Amazon Updated PC-Version


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How to Card-Amazon Updated PC-Version

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