Virtual Carding Beginner Walkthrough/Mentor

Virtual Carding Beginner Walkthrough/Mentor

Virtual Carding ..Delivery: You will receive 45 pages of the best information there is on english dark web regarding the topics explained below. I’ll offer support through Jabber!
OPSEC: One of the most important topics that nobody wants to learn, even if this is vital for staying free and not getting behind bars. You will receive all the information needed to securely work with everything from A to Z.
Virtual Carding: This is one of the most important topic of this course.

Virtual Carding

I imagine that many of you that shown interest for this course have issues with carding tools, resources, payment gateways or physical stuff. After you will learn this module, you will be able do to all of that and little to no effort. Yes, those might sound as big words, but i stand by what I’m saying.
ID Fraud: I mean, you’ll be able to create 1-2 business fulls/personal fulls per hour, after you will finish this module. Everything will be again presented step-by-step and A to Z so even if you think this is hard cause you consider yourself noob, you will be able to do it.

Bank Fraud: This will teach you how to open bank drops (personal and business), how to manage them. If you dont know anything about this don’t worry, as everything will be offered in the support guide too so you will be able to re-read everything. Proper payment gateway e-commerce website.

Stripe Setup and Methods: Well, this is the main topic of the course for most of you. Ill be offering you two methods, you will be able to make at least $10k/setup/month when set. This will not be rocket science for Stripe veterans, so if you already have success with Stripe, this course is not for you. If you don’t, then i truly think you need to know this. Ill write in the Support Guide a second method, just for newbies to help them thinking outside the box and getting an idea on how different setups and methods can evolve from one to another.

Private Fraud Group: Access to a private forum group on Forum, after you graduate the course. This by itself is an amazing resource, since other students will share valuable information with you and you will help them back.

UPDATE: Since there is not Empire Forum anymore, you will be included in another Private Group where old customers share amazing knowledge.
Resources: All of my personal resources used for each and every module that ill teach. You’ll receive them step-by-step in each module and all in bulk and many more in the Support Guide.


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