How to Card DELL | 2022

How to Card DELL | 2022

How to Card DELL | 2022

How to Card DELL | 2022
How to Card DELL | 2022



Hey guys, in this tutorial I will teach you how to card DELL.

something to prepare:
1. Fresh Drop (if your drop is blacklisted in DELL you won’t pass even ur CC is good)
2. Good CCV (non-VBV or non-MSC)
3. Sock / VPN / SSH / VPS (this is not important, but a good sock at the same state of CC is better)

Now, let’s start:

A – If You Want To Make Only Single Order With Single Cvv2 ( Which is Valid and virgin Of course !! )
1- first check the cc and make sure it`s Valid .. choose Your Item (Fast-track items)

2- Click On Add To Cart Then Check Out, You Will Be Prompted To Sign Up For A New User Or Sign
In If You Have An Existing Account ( Sign Up For A New Account )

3- Enter The First And Last Name For Your Drop As The Account First And Last Name In The Sign Up Page, Provide A Valid Email address And Password.

4- You`ll Be Redirected To The Shipping Info Page, You`ll Find The First Name and Last Name
Provided In The Sign Up Page Stored There, Just Add The Address and Other Info
*Note: You Don`t Have To Provide A Valid Phone Number For Shipping Address, The Billing Phone Also Works For Shipping

5- Choose The Fastest Shipping Method (Next Day Air ) Also 2nd Day air will work, but Make Sure The Total Amount Doesn`t Exceed 470-480 $

6- On The Billing Page, Remove The Shipping Info Stored. Then Add The Billing Info Which Must Be
Same As stored In Bank ( Make Sure The CC Is 100 % Valid ) The Most IMPORTANT PART HERE IS
which must be the same stored with the bank because they use this number for verification ( not calling the cardholder, but to verify the info with a bank )

7- Don`t Choose Any Limit In The Billing Page ( Choose: No Limit )
Click Submit !!
B- IF You Intend To Use The Same Card More Than Once To Order More Than 1 Item ;
*First Note That This Method May Get You In Trouble If You Send These Items To Your Own Home, Also the items May get returned to shipper before You Recieve Them.

1- Follow The 1st Method For Ordering Single Item With 1 CC, you`ll recieve 2 emails after ordering
( Dell Order Acknowledgement – Dell Order Confirmation ) as soon as You Recieve The Second Email
Which Is: Dell Order Confirmation
check the order status in 10 – 30 minutes IF You See Something Like (In-Production Or Pre-Production )

2- Make Another Order and which must not exceed 480 $
3- Follow All Previous Steps ( Storing Your Credit Card Info Will Ease The Mission )
4- Repeat This For As Many Times as The Limit Of The CC Allow.
5- Don`t Make Any Orders If The Previous Order Status Isn`t ( In-Production OR Pre-Production )
6- If They Suspect One Of The Orders They Will Cancel All Orders. Of course Next Day Shipping
Method Will Decrease The Chance Of Getting Items Returned To Shipper.

That`s All, And Enjoy Your Carding Of DELL

Please Note

1. If you don’t want to get problems with VBV or MSC, use the Lolifox browser, with this browser Dell won’t ask u for VBV even though your CC is VBV, where to get it. Google is ur friend (try and see, it’s my trick in DELL )
2. if you recieve the Hold payment emails, don’t abandon it, try to chat with DEll’s customer service, and tell them u want to give new CC for your order, then give them new CCV info (this time they don’t check VBV or MSC)
3. with my experience, find Credit Signature CC, its have more % success.

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