How to Card Yourself Own Merchant

How to Card Yourself Own Merchant

How to Card Yourself Own Merchant

How to Card Yourself

For this article I was inspired by a thought that for a long time did not let me sleep quiet. Not so long ago I was acquainted with a person whose contact was lost after I got to the hospital. This person bought from me debit cards and sometimes asked for small bills under the exposure with a limit of up to 15 000 UAH. The guy himself was far from being missed, he was able to do all this himself, even much more successfully than I did. I guess that maybe sometimes he was visited by laziness or lack of time, so he had to periodically use my services.

Initially I worked with him without a guarantor and our cooperation lasted long and fruitfully, if I had not disappeared for two weeks due to the fact that some bastards “kicked me”. Uh, as now I remember the sense of a stuffy nose and the constantly flowing blood from him and the infernal pain in the bochin angry.png But okay, that was part of the prehistory …

So before I got to the hospital, he told me that he has his own merchandise, where a couple of

people who work with him on this topic are constantly being hammered. I threw off the link to

the site for reference, suggested that I also work, said that Turkey is best there (he said that these guys said),

but I was not interested in driving my mate, do not understand where.

Time passed and I somehow accidentally remembered this story, I was curious how he managed to make his merchant.

It’s a pity I did not have the link, although the site may not be working, but in any case I would show you a copy from the web archive, purely for reference. Briefly I will tell you what the site was. He was disguised, as I understood under some kind of travel agency. At the opening, the English version was opened, but there were also several languages available for the change, Russian including. The simplest design, with some kind of palm. Pages were few, about five, with some kind of fake information placed on them. On the main page, under a large description, there were several buttons with signatures such as “Buy for $ 100”, “Buy for $ 300”, “Buy for $ 500”, etc. After clicking on one of them opened a new tab, where it was suggested to drive a card. Further I think, everything is clear!

Hereafter, I started very much to put this question to the test, and I got really excited about this idea. I began to actively search for all sorts of information, collected literally bit by bit. I read articles, talked with people from forums and even with the employees of the bank, there is nothing criminal about getting information, is not it ?!

An article for children who have thought or are even seriously concerned about this issue. I will try to deliver it in understandable language.

The advantage of merchant in carding is that you can drive stuff into your own merchant. It sounds good, but in reality everything is not so simple.

There are only two types of merchants, the first one, which was less interesting to me, so I will not talk about it – an offline merchant. This is when the customer pays for the purchase through special equipment (POS-terminal and something else there). It is used in almost every store.

And the second kind, the issue of which I was most interested is the Internet merchant account. This is when your customer makes a payment through the Internet and the money comes to your account through this

such remote method. When paying, your customer is obliged to enter the details of his card into a specially designated form, after which the money from the balance on the card is written off and entered into your account. This type of merchant is used on many websites and online stores where you can buy / sell something.

Having communicated with the person from the bank, he concluded for himself that the matter is far from easy. Registration merchant should only occur on a legal entity, banks place heavily inflated claims on applicants. In each bank there may be different conditions, but this is not easier.

Now about the requirements to the site itself, it must necessarily be on paid hosting! The site must have registration and authorization with the entrance to the client’s personal area. On the pages it is necessary to place actual information, prices and description of goods / services. Additional pages should be provided with the terms of exchange and return, ways of ordering and delivery services.

These are the basic requirements, but in fact, they are many times greater. Such requirements are not the worst, even if you do it right – it does not guarantee that you will be opened an account!

In general, I immediately advise you not to bother with the bank, if there is a desire to open

just your merchant account, then there are special offices that are ready to help you with this money

reward. It is enough to google word combinations “open merchant account”, “help in opening merchant”, etc.

You will find more than 20 websites offering their terms, which are much softer than the terms of the bank.
If you are on such a principled person and have not yet lost the chance to make your merchant (well, almost your own) – I recommend looking at the ready-made payment aggregators.

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