How to cashout Dump + PIN correctly

How to cashout Dump + PIN correctly

How to cashout Dump + PIN correctly

Thus, how might you actually money out Damp + PIN and rest soundly, what would it be advisable for you to fear? also, in particular – how are you attempting to discover?

I’m certain everybody has their own techniques and approaches. We’ll just tell about the methodologies and strategies utilized, and everybody will reach determinations for himself

1. The fastest and most productive way. For large volumes of material, only use it, but unfortunately for most, this option is unsuitable because very few people can afford it.

A group or one person working on a motorcycle.

The volume that you do in half a day – hung up the volume that the same group can do in 3 days using machines ten times. The bottom line is that ascending to the ATM you don’t even get off the bike. Black bike, black helmet. As a rule, there are thousands of such color combinations in a city. A bike, of course, without numbers and any unique signs. All repainted in black. For example: on all motorcycles mounted toggle switch off the tail light. In case if someone chases you in the dark, then when you turn off the rear light you’ll become invisible almost instantly.

In the daytime, you can use 2 groups of 3 bikes each. Of the three bikes approaching an ATM, only two. The third is just riding around. This is in case of danger. The driver has nothing with him. Not far from the place of work always leave the car. It is very convenient. When a lot of money is collected or ran out of cards, it is much easier to drive up for a couple of minutes and empty your pockets than ride with backpacks. This option is very effective, but it is only suitable for large cities, and not everyone knows how to drive a motorcycle, I’m not talking about their price.


How to cashout Dump + PIN correctly
How to cashout Dump + PIN correctly
2. Use PICK UP TRUCK. The beauty of this option is that it allows you to easily and most importantly legally hide the numbers. Get it in the US isn’t a problem at all. They are usually very widely distributed on the roads of all states. By themselves, they don’t attract attention and are very easily lost sight of. And so … Everyone knows that in the US you can drive a car without a front room. This isn’t a gross violation of the rules. But we still have the back room !? We open the trunk and drive a car with an open trunk … In this case, our number is visible to the drivers of other cars, but absolutely not visible to the cameras located on the buildings. This makes it possible to park in the vicinity of ATMs and thereby speeds up your work.

Plastic for cashout dumps + pin

Never use white plastic. It’s not safe for many reasons. Someone from the passers-by can notice and understand what’s the matter. And most importantly … if the card is taken by the ATM and in the evening when the workers take it out from there, they’ll immediately understand why it is needed. Go to any grocery store and collect gift cards for example VISA or MC. They are not thrown into the eyes of passersby.


Use stickers or mark the card and keep the pins somewhere else.

Change ATM

ATMs in all with a dozen species. Examine them before you begin. If you see a small slipper – 90% is located behind it CAMERA. You see a black plastic square built into the panel near the pinpad or located near the monitor – this is 100% camera. They’ll not hide from it, but it is easy to glue it or just cover it up with something. Cameras don’t write constantly … They turn on only after you insert the card into the ATM. And they write not 24 frames per second, but 15 … the image recorded by the camera during playback will be frame-by-frame.

And even if your face got into the frame – you should not worry too much. In the photo to find someone impossible. The ATM camera is needed first of all for: when the cardholder starts to call the bank and say they stole money from me – the bank does an investigation and watches the recording from the camera. In 50% of cases, stupid Americans make their own money and then declare that someone has stolen it. Of course, Americans will find out about the presence of cameras from the BANK, which informs them that they have taken it off themselves and if this happens again, they can go to prison for such cases. Therefore, no one will search for a person who has entered the shot. But if your car numbers get into the frame – this is another matter. How to cashout Dump + PIN correctly

Storage of cards

Never keep a stack of cards in your pocket. Hide everything in the car and take with you only those that you’ll use at the moment. According to the laws of the US police can search you on the street or if they just stopped you for petty traffic offenses. But they can’t search your car. For example, they stopped you and searched if they didn’t find anything in their pockets – then they’ll ask you permission to search your car. Feel free to say NO !!! If you haven’t found anything in your pockets, they need a WARRANT FOR searching a car. And they can’t get a warrant without any good luck !!!

Try to keep all the cards hidden and in your hands to keep as little as possible. If at the time when you are slowed down by the police, you still have a small amount on your hands – the best way to drop them at the car door. When the side window is open, a gap is formed. Dropping cards there – they fall right inside the door. And in order to get them, you need to disassemble the door, and this will not be done for free. How to cashout Dump + PIN correctly

Means of communication

Never carry your personal mobile phone with you. Since it is constantly registered with the operator – thus looms the path of your movement. For communication, use only new phones that are activated specifically for work. From these phones don’t make calls anywhere, except for the other of the same phone. Another example: For example, your mobile phone works with only one operator (as the iPhone used to do) and when approaching the ATM you twisted it in your hands. So believe me, those who will search for you can request from the mobile operator all the phone numbers that were registered at this time ….

Work in another city / state

Always remember that any card will work better at home. I’m not even talking about region lock, which is also very important. So .. If a card from one state and you start to withdraw money in another state, protection on UNUSUAL ACTIVITY instantly works and the bank will most likely call the card holder. If the card is cashed in the same State – it will live much longer. This is already verified. So you ate a large amount of material from one place in your hand – think about it; maybe it makes sense to go there.

Another very important detail. When the owner calls the bank and says that money has been stolen from him – the bank first sees the cardholder as the No. 1 suspect. Since the bank does not understand who and how could know the PIN code known only to the owner. And maybe he understands, but it is easier for them to politely refuse the owner to return the money due to the lack of INFORMATION CONFIRMING THE INNOCENCE OF THE OWNER. If the bank knows that the owner isn’t guilty – they begin to look for the one who is to blame.

Always inspect the area for a couple of days before work. For these couple of days, mark on the card where the good areas are good and where the bad ones are. At what time and in what quantity the police appear, see the location of banks and detached ATMs, we plan routes in advance. Find out where bars and nightclubs are located. In the evening there is a large crowd of people – this is what you need. If you work at night, you don’t need to use ATMs located not in crowded places. Always remember that a patrol car may appear and if you are the only living person in sight, then they will not look at the stars.

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