How to get free $20 Amazon Credit

How to get free $20 Amazon Credit

free $20 Amazon Credit

How to get free $20 Amazon Credit

First of all, go to the Amazon Contact page.
After you sign in, select Kindle and state that you’re having charger/charging problems.
After you connect to the chat, say that your previous chat session got disconnected and the rep was going to issue a $20 promotional credit so you could purchase a Kindle Powerfast charger to make up for the faulty hardware.
(This may not work for every rep. I got it on my second try.)
They’ll check their “system” and state something along the lines “I couldn’t find any previous chats with reps from today”. If they say that, just get an attitude and say you were talking to someone no longer than 2 minutes ago. (Be creative if you can when making excuses).
They’ll apologize and either issue a $20 credit, or ask for your email to send a $20 credit code to.

I’ve done this on 3 accounts, and 2 of the accounts I received a $20 credit to spend on whatever I wanted. The 3rd time I received a $20 credit towards the Powerfast charger ONLY. It is all dependent on the rep you get.

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