How to get free Xbox codes in 2022

How to get free Xbox codes in 2022

How to get free Xbox codes in 2022

How to get free Xbox codes


Here We Go

This Time The Tutorial Required [ Good English & Brain & Gentlemen Talk ]


  1. You are going to need a few accounts. They are as easy as creating emails, and can quickly functional.
  2. Signup with the information provided from, and if you would like use RoboForm to quickly sign up for these accounts.
  3. You may try this method with your own account, just know I have not.


(Sorry for the wall of text here read carefully)
You should now be redirected to a window that asks you to sign in and to tell us more about your issue
Here is my personal technique in providing the issue:
Hi, I recently purchases (insert code you want to gain), but when I went to redeem the code, I receive an error saying the code is invalid. I contacted the seller but they said the code was already activated and I would need to contact Microsoft Support to inquire about my issue.

Of course, you can contact them multiple times (using different silver accounts per support case), but make sure you switch around your wording so you don’t get in trouble.
Stay calm when the Microsoft Support agent contacts you. This process is really simple and they are only there to help. Most of the time ask me for some information about the account to confirm my identity (save the fakenamegenerator information!). They will also ask you more about the problem with your code. Here are the codes you use:
1 month: D3KRJ-RKHF4-87JG8-F87DY-D3W96
3 months: K8F3V-78HXG-YRRJ4-TW8XQ-RR7M3

These are codes I found in a youtube video that look like they work but cannot be activated.
Review: Explain “I brought a code from a seller but I cannot activate it. You must tell them you tried to redeem this on the main account and on an alternate account as well; which none of them worked.
You must say you received these errors:

When I entered the code on Xbox Live I got, This code isn’t valid. Please enter a valid code.
When I entered the code on Xbox.Com: This code isn’t valid anymore. Got a different one?
At this point, they will ask for the code and you’ll give them the one you are trying to retrieve.
From here they will move the case to the higher-ups where they would generate a new code for you to use! Give them your contact information so they can send you a new code and you should be good!


Be persistent and upset but NOT annoying, maybe 12 hours later if you haven’t received the code, tell them you have been waiting for a long time and you would really like to play. Tap into your inner child and complain to the Microsoft Support Agent, during my last SE event, I received two 3 months for my trouble!

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