How to hack youtube channels

How to hack youtube channels

How to hack youtube channels

Hello this is a guide where you can hack a YouTube channel

Ok, Before we get started on this it’s NOT my method and i didn’t create it.

So let’s get started!

1. Go here…ccount_recovery
2. Type in the username you want to steal.
3. Click on “Verify your identity” highlighted in blue.
4. Enter in any email address you have access to, press continue.
5. Where it says “Last password you remember” type in your targeted username and a set of numbers like “123”.
6. Where it says “When was the last time you were able to sign in to your Google Account?” go to the channel of your targeted username and see when their last activity was. Use this information, if the channel has no activity then type in a random date.
7. Where it says “When did you create your Google Account?” refer to step 6. Press continue.
8. Skip “Other Google products you use”, press continue.
9. You should see a message like “You will receive an email at the contact email address you provided once we’ve Verified your responses (usually within a few hours)”. Wait for the email to come.
10. You will receive an email like “We received your request to recover your Google Account ‘target’, and we’d like to evaluate your account more closely. To continue the account recovery process, please visit: (a link will appear under this text). Click the link.
11. Okay, here is the niche in this. The link will show you the email attached to the YouTube account. (Example:
12. Now it is up to you to exploit the Email. Once you’ve gained access to it you can use the regular password reset steps through YouTube and the account is yours.

Tips –

1. Check to see if the Email has expired by signing up with the same Email at the provider’s website (Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL, etc). If this works you can go right ahead and reset the YouTube account password.
2. Check the password reset info on the given email, in some cases, you can even guess their secret password by using the DOX you get from their email.

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