How to install zyklon h.t.t.p botnet on your server [with video]

How to install zyklon h.t.t.p botnet on your server [with video]

How to install zyklon

How to install zyklon

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Greetings, newbie / advanced hackers!
Today, I will teach you guys / gals how to install Zyklon on your server!
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The installation of the BotNet is fairly simple.
Whether you have a cracked version or not does not matter.

This is how you install it:


1. Go to phpmyadmin and create a new user and database.2. Assign the user all permissions on the database that you have created

3. Upload panel files to the root of the website

4. Create two new cronjobs. “Advanced >> Cronjobs”

curl //This one should run every minute
curl //This one should run every hour
5. Navigate to

6. Fill up the necessary fields and make sure that you provide correct database connection info.

7. After you receive the confirmation message that the installation is completed without errors, navigate to the login.php and fill the necessary fields with the info that you have provided during installation.

8. Delete the installer.php and db.sql from the server.
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And this is the video:

Simple, right?

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