Instructions for virtual carding when cards do not have AVS

AVS stands for the address verification system. This system is often used when stores want to double-check whether you are a real cardholder or not. If you are new, I will advise you to buy credit card information that does not have AVS. This will simplify the fraud screening process.

Delivery address

If the store you have chosen to purchase cannot determine the real address of the cardholder, then you can define any available delivery address.

Usually, online stores do not send parcels if the billing and shipping addresses do not match. And, as we already learned earlier, both of these addresses must always coincide.

So, in such a case, we save ourselves time and energy. You can even provide your own address.

This is good because a billing address that is different from the delivery address may generate errors during the transaction.


VBV stands for Verified by Visa.

To begin with, if your credit card does not have an AVS security-check, it does not mean that it will not have a VBV check on it.

VBV is a 2-factor protection system invented by VISA (other banks also have alternatives to VBVs). This system is used to protect the cardholder from a credit card scam.
Check Non VBV/MSC BINs on this list.

Advantages and disadvantages of credit cards without AVS

The main advantage of the fact that you buy a card without AVS is the ability to change the billing address to any convenient address. I advise you not to use your own address, as this may cause undesirable consequences: for example, the police will catch you.

But these cards also have their disadvantages and a lot.

Cards without AVS are usually issued by banks from South America. From my own experience, I can say that such cards do not have a lot of money on them.

Instructions for virtual carding

It is also a disadvantage that some stores may not accept payment from such a card and ask for additional verification that you are not a fraudster. And since you are one, it can cause problems, for example, a credit card will be blocked.


The word SOCKS is formed from an abbreviation of “sockets.” SOCKS is the best way to “encrypt” on the network, and very few people know about it. It has unique advantages when compared to HTTP-proxy.

SOCKS is a long-developed protocol. It was designed by Dave Koblas from SGI. Since the beginning of its existence, the protocol has gone through several significant modifications. To date, two versions of the protocol are in operation: Socks4 and Socks5. Now the fifth version of the protocol is becoming increasingly popular since it is more progressive than fourth. The protocol is a translator (something like a proxy server), but, unlike standard proxies, the Socks client is located between the application and transport layers in the OSI network model, the Socks server is at the application level. This means that such a server is no longer tied to high-level protocols.

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