SOCIAL ENGINEERING  INSULATION AND MANIPULATION – The substance of the basic distinction among influence and recommendation is as per the following: the motivation behind influence is to deliberately fathom the significance of what has been stated, in the cognizant acknowledgment of an arrangement of evaluations and decisions, as per an alternate perspective. The reason for recommendation is to make you immovably trust in a person or thing, without pondering the reality of the contentions, genuinely acknowledge the contentions given by the rival.



Suggestion is designed to form an unconditional belief in something.  From an ethical point of view, suggestion is in many ways a manipulative effect on the human psyche.  Therefore, in order not to become an object of manipulation, to protect oneself in time from not always personal forms of suggestive influences, it will be extremely useful to understand the essence and specific technology of using the techniques of suggestion in interpersonal communication.

What is suggestion?

Suggestion affects the subconscious of a person.  It is generally accepted that by influencing the emotions and feelings of a person (conventionally – the subconscious), we also influence his mind, will and behavior.  Perceiving suggested thoughts or ideas, a person weakens his control and regulatory function of behavior.  This is the special insidiousness of this type of psychological influence.  In contacts between people, verbal suggestion gradually becomes a necessary element of interaction.  What influences the effectiveness of suggestion? SOCIAL ENGINEERING INSULATION AND MANIPULATION

It turns out that everything is quite simple.  The main factors affecting the quality of the inspiring influence include:

Properties of the one who provides suggestion (suggestor).  These include the level of a person’s authority, their social status, strong-willed or intellectual superiority, self-confidence, inextinguishable optimism, irresistible

charm, and much more.

Properties of the object of suggestion (suggest), i.e.

the one on whom the inspiring influence is directed.  As practice shows, the most suggestible people are distinguished by increased anxiety, SOCIAL ENGINEERING INSULATION AND MANIPULATION

self-doubt, special gullibility, low self-esteem, impressionability and other features that reflect an unstable state of the psyche.

The relationship that has developed between the suggestor and the sutherent.  If relations of trust and authority dominate between them, then the level of suggestibility will be high.  If, however, elements of suspicion and open distrust have arisen between the suggestor and the suggestor, naturally, the effectiveness of the suggestive influence will be minimal.

The mental state of the suggested.  The quality of the suggestive influence largely depends on the general mental state of the suggested person: on the tension of his musculoskeletal system, on the fatigue of the nervous system, on the course of processes of excitation and inhibition and other features of the mental state.

Situational conditions of suggestibility.  These include: a low level of awareness of the suggestion (suggestibility usually increases if true information is hidden);  uncertainty of the situation (in such a situation, as experts note, mental tension greatly increases due to the impossibility of forecasting and planning);  lack of time (then the ability to analyze and predict is significantly reduced).

Thus, knowing the factors that influence the effectiveness of suggestion, you can either significantly reduce its influence on yourself (and in many cases just get away from the suggestion) or, conversely, use these factors for your own well-being.  And now we will reveal the technology of using in practice specific techniques and methods of inspiring influence.  First of all, the techniques of suggestion should be aimed at reducing the activity of understanding, comprehending and evaluating what is happening.

This is due to the fact that the suggestion is based on a weak awareness and a fairly low criticality

of perception of the reported information.  For the effect of suggestion to be obvious, the suggestor must demonstrate high confidence in the truth of what was said, in the truth of the information being reported.  Making statements that is open and truthful usually leads to success – people around you really start to trust the speaker.

You should also know that the main methods of manipulative presentation of information are as follows:

  • Skillful handling of comparative data, changing the true scale of events and phenomena.  All of this can create the illusion of improvement, change for the better, movement forward, etc.
  • Half-truth, that is, the message is only beneficial to the suggestor information and the suppression of information that the suggested should not know.
  • The fragmentation of the presentation of information ultimately creates a situation of uncertainty.
  •  To this can be added a special selection of facts to strengthen or weaken significant information.
  • Frequent repetition of simple slogans and calls.  It has been established
  • that repeated repetition of a simple position leads to a weakening of the concentration of attention on its meaning.
  •  As a result, the repeated idea leaves mnemonic traces in the memory of a person and cuts deep enough into the subconscious that it cannot but influence the actions of a person.  A simple and understandable statement, spoken firmly and confidently several times, is capable of managing both small and large groups of people.  And the more succinct this statement is, the stronger its impact.
  • The use of various stylistic figures, i.e. comparisons, allegories, analogies, rhetorical questions, exclamations, etc. They can significantly enrich speech, replace inconvenient information, help avoid answering an insidious question, etc. Moreover, the use  this technique makes speech richer and more expressive, and therefore, for the majority and more convincing.


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