Kroger Instore Carding Method (Self Checkout/GC)

Kroger Instore Carding Method

Going to keep this simple and to the straight to the point. This thread is to help noobs, anybody coming out of retirement, and simply education.

Kroger is sweet when it comes to instore carding . It’s 2020 and the bigger named stores like Walmart, Target/Super Target, etc have got on game and their POS systems don’t allow in store carding by way of Triple Dip/3 jam or 1 dip.


Kroger Instore Carding Method (Self Checkout/GC)
Kroger Instore Carding Method (Self Checkout/GC)

Free Game:

Any time you aren’t sure if a store allows in store carding by way of dipping/jamming here’s a simple way to see.

Go in store to make a real transaction for something small (chips or drink or whatever clothes, etc). When you go to pay for the items use your card, and insert your card inside the chip insert (Don’t worry if your card doesn’t have a chip it doesn’t matter). Put your card in all the way and immediately pull it out. The POS screen should read


. Anything else means that store doesn’t allow you to trick it. Will have to use 101 to card only.

Can test next time at walmart try to jam with a 201 swipe and will say CARD ERROR and never prompt you to swipe the magstripe.

Alright so back to Kroger.

Once you’ve scoped out your store and you’ve got your plastic situated it’s pretty much a green light.

Now unlike Walmart, Target, and other super stores Kroger only sells groceries…….. and GIFT CARDS.

They have every type of gift cards from all the major names in dining, shopping, Visa MC prepaid debits, Paypal prepaids, etc so these are your money makers for Kroger.

How to Jam 201 Dump:

Take plastic and insert into POS chip slot (doesnt matter if you’re plastic has a chip or not). Put it all the way in and immediately remove it. Wait for CHIP MALFUNCTION to go away and repeat, wait for MALFUNCTION to go away, & repeat once more. After 3rd jam POS will read


. Wait for this prompt to go away and then proceed to swipe your plastic with magstripe.

In other words 1)Jam-remove *wait 1 second* 2)Jam-remove *wait 1 second* 3)Jam-remove *wait 1 second* Swipe magstripe

I know wipers who put some clear nail polish on the chip of their plastic and it tricks the POS system into a 1 dip. So they out clear polish on the chip, insert, and after the first jam it tells them to use magstripe. It works. And if youre pressed for time or paranoid than try it. if it doesn’t work just 3 jam it out

Free Game:

When jamming/dipping the POS is makes a single, very low buzz you can barely hear yourself standing 1 foot from it. The only time you have to worry about actually drawing attention to yourself is if your card DECLINED or is NOT AUTHORIZED. then the system will beep loudly 3 times and he Siri wannabe will tell the whole checkout that your payment wasn’t excepted and to go back.

To avoid this unwanted attention, pay attention to the POS after it tells you to swipe and it gives 1 of those two prompts, immediately go to the checkout screen and fess “GO BACK” button and it will take you back to select your payment option (cash, card, coupons, etc) and now you can leave or try another piece.


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