Making $400 instant Using only $30 NoN US Residents only

Making $400 instant Using only $30 NON US Residents only

Making $400 instant


$30 worth of BTC​

A bank drop (not in US or Canada)​

Quick Pick​

there are so many ways of getting this to work so i will explain what’s best for me​

1. XOOM​

allows sending money to anyone without verification from 100 to $499​

and it takes less than 24hrs for money to arrive meanwhile there are no ID r SSN required but you will need a paypal account with bank account linked
and older than 30 days
but the money from xoom is best send to a bank account​

2. Remitly​

here you can send money to any pickup location or bank using a semi bank info and DOB and SSN​

the problem is it takes up to 5 days to clear but you can send up to $2000 of which $1500 isnt questionable​


1.go buy a paypal account somewhere and make sure it has transaction history and its older than 30 days plus there is a bank account linked (infinity has those)​

2. on your first login to that paypal change the primary email, phone number, security questions and answers to change ownership of the account (make sure you are using correct vpn)​

3. wait atleast 24hrs​

4. head over to xoom website and click login with paypal ( still using vpn)​

5. Add receipient​

6. wait atleast 24hrs​

7. login again and send less than $490 using the bank account linked as payment methods​

Finally wait 30 minutes and if your transaction is still in progress after 30 minutes then its a win so check your recepient’s email for confirmation.​


if the bank account linked is empty then the transaction will cancel in 5 minutes or if the recepient was flaged before otherwise its a win.​

I tested this using a bank log i bought on darkweb and created a paypal account and also linking the bank accounts from the bank logs then waited while using the account to purchase web hosting just to make some transactions
since i knew how much was in the bank accounts i made 2 transactions before the owner reported to the bank, the first was $389 send as cash and the second was a recharge of about $60
they were all successful​

remember you can only use this once​


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Making $400 instant

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