How to find the perfect shop? Signs of a perfect shop

Signs of a perfect shop

How to find the perfect shop?

Clothing carding is the most popular due to its accessibility and low threshold of enter. In the darknet you can find whole shops that sell «carded» items for a price of about 50% from the market. Of course, the buyer bears some risks – it is likely that it will not receive maintenance, and in the worst case scenario, it may be approached people from organs.

For the Carder, the key to this job is to find a store that has no problem selling money to dump with card . However, such shops have their own features, which we will understand in this article.

How to find the perfect shop? Signs of a perfect shop
How to find the perfect shop? Signs of a perfect shop


Low level of protection

The main thing that prevents the carder from working with large online stores is their high level of protection. Antifraud systems are upgraded daily, and large market players like Amazon or Ebay are actively fighting off fraudsters. However, not all stores follow suit.

Usually, small stores don’t think about these kinds of systems. They either don’t have them or they’re weak. A low level of protection can be identified during the vbiv – how the store actively checks your data and whether it allows the goods to be sent to an address that differs from the billing information.

It is also important what kind of information site are trying to get through your computer queries. It makes it possible to identify the detectors, and the fewer the better.

Sufficient number of customers to get lost in them

However, very small, only open stores for carder are likely to be a waste of time and money. If the owners of the site notice at the time of the shipment that they are sending it to a fraudster, they will most likely stop working with it.

The thing is, every purchase is important for a small shop with a small turnover – it keeps them afloat. For this reason, they are likely to check billing information manually, or even turn to the police if they suspect fraud. It’s much easier to get lost in larger stores, and that’s why you have to be able to balance.

Goods are not suspicious

It is important in a clothing carding that the goods purchased can be easily sold at a low price. It is easy to find a buyer on an iPhone, and difficult – on a lawnmower. However, when selling high-priced equipment, the store can perform additional checks that will prevent you from making the purchase.

To find out which goods are the best to buy – look to your colleagues experience or scroll the carding forum. On it you will most likely find advice on the selection of the good for the carding.

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