Transfers through Paypal – is this possible?

Transfers through Paypal – is this possible?


Transfers through Paypal - is this possible?
Transfers through Paypal – is this possible?


Transfers with Paypal …Paypal is an extremely tasty payment system for any resident of carding forums. However, it is rather limited and the accounts are well protected against hacking. And if the latter remains on the shoulders of the bruters and the hackers who steal the databases, then the very ways of using the accounts remain on the shoulders of the carders.

Are Paypal transfers possible and what schemes can be used? In this article, we’ll look at how real this is and whether it costs the work.

What are the ways to transfer?

Paypal generally facilitates online shopping and working with online stores – for example, to get funds after sales on ebay. The system isn’t designed for direct money transfer, transactions of this kind usually come under the close scrutiny of the system’s employees. However, transfer methods do exist.

One of them is the purchase of goods exhibited by your drop on ebay. It isn’t necessary to have the goods – it is enough to have plausible photos. There are several difficulties in this methods:

• The trading platform tracks the lots and pays particular attention to new sellers. Before starting transfer – you should give the account «binning», or let it earn some small sales of the same transfers.

• Ebay makes a delay in withdrawing funds to avoid the risk of fraud. If you want to transfer – be prepared to use only inactive accounts, otherwise you’ll have to lose funds for transfers.

However, the method is quite workable. By creating a reliable online auction account, you can every 3-5 days perform transfers to non-existent positions. The difficulty may be the availability of other auction players, but sometimes they work in your favor – by increasing the price of the product, allowing you to withdraw more funds.

It worth it?

If you are ready to painstakingly create an account on ebay, create Paypal ready to withdrawal with false data – then the income can be decent. It’ll be enough for you to buy a nonexistent product every few days, acknowledging and maintaining good reviews on the platform. This way you can transfer more than a dozen accounts, however, the loss of the main account can push you back a few months of work.

In addition, you’ll need clean dedics – proxies have long been known to Amazon sites and are quickly blocked by them.

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