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You can only do in-store pickup when carting Old accounts, Shipping to home address is not allowed or else the account will be flagged.


1. Clean 911 ip with the exact zip code of the account you’re working on.
2. The same state account as your picker.
N/B: When getting an old shopping account, the following details must be available.
-The e-mail address and password to log in to the victim’s account.
-The name of the account owner
-The type of card linked to the account and the last 4 digits.
-The Address of the account owner including the ZIP.
3. A reliable split e-mail bomber that sends a minimum of 200 mails per time.
N/B: One must have mastered how to use the e-mail bomber as an expert.

With all these gotten, you can proceed to the steps.


1. Choose the ip matching the zip code of the account then go to to check if clean or not.
N/B: All must be thicked green and totally clean to increase success chance.

2. After good ip has been gotten, go to and log in to the account. After successful login, you have to check the account order history to know the average price the user has spent on orders so that you will know the amount range you are to order on it.

3. Then go and add 1 item to the cart and choose the pickup option and put the zip code of your picker. The nearest pickup store around him will be shown then select and proceed to checkout.

4. Before placing the order, use the e-mail bomber to bomb the account e-mail address 2-3 times in order to avoid the owner noticing the confirmation mail then place the order and also bomb the e-mail more times.

5. Wait for about 5-10 minutes and check the order status, if the purple bar extended well in the order preparation then it is successful.
N/B: At this point, only the account owner can cancel it.

6. The next day, check again with the same ip, once the order has been shipped you have to bomb the e-mail some more. As it arrives in the store, the picker should be fast to pick it up in order to avoid reminder e-mails on the account.

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