Basic Carding for Noobies

Basic Carding for Noobies

Basic Carding for Noobies

Through this article, I hope most of the beginners will find answers to their main and chain if you enter a card in any place you see you won’t get stuff. Mainly this chain includes two people who card the stuff and who this stuff accepts. For the beginner doing both things by himself is almost unreal. So let’s explore it deeper.

First, we must find an online shop where we will order stuff. Don’t try to get a plasma TV for 10k first. There are many reasons you won’t be able to card it. Choose the stuff like not expensive laptop or photo camera cheaper $1k-1,5k that’s optimum for the beginning. Further, take the card there are many people who sell it it’s out of our article. After you’ve bought the card we need to prepare it. We cant order stuff at the holder’s address and we don’t need it. Well, order stuff to drop a person who accept the stuff (read more about it in another article).

For example youve bought such card:
Lets separate info we got:
name_on_card= Amber Zellweger
address1=53 Kinne Road
city= Glastonbury

Further we need to make enroll of this card. We need SSN (Social Secure Number), MMN (Mothers Maiden Name), DOB (Date of Birth) for it different banks request different info. Some of them can also request DL (number of drivers license) or PIN number. So we dont need to pass such secure like PIN requesting. And another info we can look up on special services (usually one-time of its using costs $1-$2). We need also to know card number) and find in special programs (CC2Bank, Mars Data Bank) or in another BIN databases which bank it belongs to.

There enroll-register option, enter all data were asked, Now we have online access to 2-3 sizes more than were going to spend) and also look for general option address it on your drops data. Except phone number we need to have our own number (because shop can call to it and we must avoid any problems with it). You can own it using some time for approving changing (time of waiting is different in different banks).

So card is ready. Lers check it but we should check it. Try to buy some cheap shiet like soft or chocolate or smth like this if payment was successful we can do the shopping! Use name, card number, exp and cvv of CARDHOLDER, and new address we enter in enroll account.

Now is final. Register in our online shop and order the stuff. Choose the fastest delivery method. So we have the same billing and shipping addresses you know why already. After ordering wait for the shop’s reply. You can be asked for a call or if all will be good, you’ll receive a tracking number its number which you can enter into delivery service youve chosen and trace your parcel.
The last you can do is tell about it to your drop (drop-service) and wait.

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