Opening your own bank drops (noob friendly)

Opening your own bank drops (noob friendly)

Opening your own bank drops.

Opening your own bank drops

This is a personal guide created by myself based on my personal experience with opening drops and performing VTO.

Opening bank drops

I’ll go through the whole process of opening a bank drop and I’ll break it down into three sections

  1. Data Required and how to get it
  2. Opening the account
  3. Maintaining the account

Data Required and how to get it

Now, this guide is mainly for US fullz, that’s all I have done and I can only vouch that it will work in the US. When deciding what fulls to use, I recommend getting fulls from these three states: CA, TX, and FL. I’ll go into detail about why these are preferred later in the guide.

Opening your own bank drops

Once you have a set of victims, I card a background check. I suggest you do an SSN search through Intelius. They tend to have more up-to-date records and are able to figure out more current addresses and find other goodies like MMN and marriage records.

I like making a text file for each of my victims and putting all the information that I believe is relevant in the file.

When doing a BG check, I jot down all previous addresses, phone numbers, relatives, and neighbors as well. If there are birth dates and ages on the relatives, I write those down as well.

This is the main BG, but I run two more BG checks to see if I can find more information

such as Property records (mortgage payments get asked a lot in identity checks and credit reports), and assets (vehicles registered under the person). For these types of checks, I found and to be the most reliable.

From there we have a pretty good understanding of who the person is and we’re good to go.

I like to make sure I have correct data on all my victims so I usually try to get a Credit Report before applying for a bank drop. There is this website called that lets you get a free credit report from Transunion. Answer credit questions. It’s easy to get right, you don’t need a CC, and it’ll give you a good idea of the person’s financials.

I like running a CR because now I can answer most questions correctly, leaving less room for chance.

Opening the Account

Just like carding, it always helps to get an email that is seen as paid. Make sure to use clean socks (this one should be obvious). What I like to do is to first google the bank I want to open an account with and then access the website from a google search. I don’t know if this does anything, but it seems to lower fraud detection. When applying for the card, make sure to put your mailing address as a drop address. You will need a burner number so one from voice/any other VOIP service is fine. If I’m personally going to use the drop, then I like to just get a traditional burner off Walmart for $20.

When making an opening deposit, I usually try to use clean funds. Sending the first payment from a payment processor does raise flags and usually closed the account within a couple of days. There are many ways to bypass this such as sending money from a PayPal account, attaching the drop to circle

or coinbase, and getting the transaction converted to cash to your drop. Some banks don’t even need an opening deposit. Also, some banks (like Suntrust) require that you send the first payment within a week or else they freeze the account.

Maintaining the Account

Okay so now you have the drop and the best way to keep it open is

(1) dedicated IP,

(2) if you’re using socks5 then make sure to have one dedicated VM just for that account,

(3) and know the warning signs of when an account is about to die from chargebacks.

There is nothing worse than having a bank drop with your earnings just get closed the next day. So be careful and know when to cash out. Getting a debit card is honestly the best way to go, it gets rid of lots of online cashing out issues such as getting transfers canceled by coinbase.

Extra Pointers

  1. The reason I tell people to use CA, FL, and TX is because they offer online access to vital records such as birth records, and marriage records. This is a great asset when it comes to finding the mother’s maiden name. I guess this is more relevant when doing ATO/VTO, but it also helps with verifying dob and birthplace
  2. A common question asked when doing an identity check is the place of birth, the best way to check this is through the ssn. The first 3 numbers of an SSN tell you where a person was born.
  3. If you’re going to do loans, it’s nice knowing how much the person makes and a way I find this out is actually using the tax return retrieval tool on the IRS site. It’s simple signup that requires an email and things like SSN and dob. You go through an identity check, and since you should know everything about this person, it’s no problem at all. I have not had any issue retrieving past tax returns. It’s a great tool to use to figure out a person’s income and also tells you if this person is a viable victim.

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