Thee Guide To DUMP+PIN Cashout From Devil King

The Guide To DUMP+PIN Cashout

Thee Guide To DUMP+PIN

Guide To DUMP+PIN Cashout 
Guide To DUMP+PIN Cashout 


I’m writing this guide because after reading the cashout guide, I would have to say I completely disagree with most of the things he said(no disrespect). However, if what was said about the cameras activating only when a card is inserted then I learned something new and I thank you for that but I don’t think this is true of the cameras nearby the ATM that usually hang from a ceiling or some other spot. So take that into consideration.

First off you have two options.

Cashout at a drive through ATM with a car (never walk-up to a drive though ATM to cashout there are too many cameras)
Walk-up to an ATM built into a wall of a bank.

Always look to see where any cameras are before attempting your cashout.

When using a car don’t drive around with no license plates (obvious reasons) but when you find a bank with a drive through ATM pull into a parking lot nearby and cover your license plates with something (cardboard w/ tape). Or just remove them before going through the ATM. If your car has those little flap

things to block the sun or look at how ugly you are in the mirror (while driving of course), Put them

in the correct position to block your face from cameras in front of the car. Also get one of those old

school hockey-mask from a Halloween store or some other kind of mask (V for vendetta/guy fawkes?)

and put it on before driving up to the ATM.

When using a walk-up ATM I would say put on a hat to tilt your head away from the cameras so they don’t get

a clear shot of your face. Second you could always cover the cameras on the ATM if it works as Deadmouse

claims(which makes sense that they would work this way). You could also wear something over you face when walking

up to the ATM (Guy fawkes mask?). If have long hair wear a hood and a guy Fawkes mask.

Always try and find ATMs that don’t eat the card but instead find ATMS that are ‘insert & remove’ ths avoids any problems with the card being retained. But if there are none like this just use anything with a magnetic stripe other than blanks. Never write the pin on the card. Get a piece of paper write what type of card it is and the pin next to it.
Visa Gift card 412345(bin on card) — 4321 <-pin#
Look at this before walking up to the ATM. Alternatively, if the ATM is ‘insert & remove’ you can just put a pieve of tape on the card and write it on the piece of tape.

Time of Day & Location

I would recommend only going in the early hours of the morning (1-4 AM) this way there are

no people around but you.

Find an ATM that is in kind of a closed area as well if possible.

Well I’m sick of writing this so I’ll make updates / changes if needed another time but cashing out is pretty

simple and straight forward. If anyone has anything else to add go ahead.

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