What a newbie has to be ready for?

What should a newbie be ready for, who decided to go into carding?

What a newbie has to be ready for?…Carding is very dangerous, but moneymaking. You can make a lot of money in carding, but you can’t jump to conclusions. The thirst for easy money will be a serious impediment, and is likely to cause problems. In this article, I’m going to talk about the main problems of the starting carder.

Lack of knowledge

You can’t think in a carding it’s enough to just buy a card, vbiv it into a store, and order the goods for a drop.

then There are many subtleties – the selection of a card, a shop, a good, a drop. That experience will have to come from bitter mistakes. The main thing is that these mistakes don’t lead to problems.

Before you go into carding, go to the carding forums.  You can find a lot of articles about searching shops, antidetect, anonymity. It is also often possible to find in forums offers from experienced canders about training of newbies. If a person is reliable, their knowledge will help you start working much faster and easier.

What a newbie has to be ready for?
What a newbie has to be ready for?

Lack of knowledge of services

If you’ve already bought the cards and you’re rushing vbiv into the first shop you find, you probably won’t make it. You must be able to choose both shops and maps. Of course, none of the carders will tell you the most advantageous places, because it is their direct source of income, however, in the carding forums you can learn about some services and know what is to be avoided and what service will be useful in the work.

Problems with anonymity

How often do you think about how much data about you already have online? Almost all of this data is tied to your computer’s fingerprints. then If necessary, all this data can be found and your identity determined in minutes.

Before you start carding, take care of your safety. also Buy a new laptop, find some reliable VPN and dedics, get rid of anything that might lead to any mention of your real identity. Be careful in your communication – don’t mention where you are going or why, where you are and how old you are. Any piece of information could lead to your arrest.

Remember that the work of the carder isn’t only vbiv and getting money from the drops – it is continuous acquisition

of information and new knowledge. One who is always trained and confident that he isn’t unique and knows that he may be wrong will be able to work long and successfully.

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